Wednesday, July 27, 2011

COMMENTARY: If it was Aunt Samantha instead of Uncle Sam

There never would have been any "Trickle down" because nobody likes a drip.

We wouldn't borrow money and turn around and cut our income. Aunt Samamantha would call that, "Cutting off our noses to spite our face."

We wouldn't be in debt. Aunt Samantha doesn't believe in spending what you don't have.

Women wouldn't have babies just to starve and poorly educate them to face an uncertain future.

Aunt Samantha believes in education. That means an equal shot for everyone to get at least through high school. Kids who want to go through college should also get a chance at loans and grants if they work hard and keep their grades up.

If Aunt Samantha wanted people to do something, she'd tell them what she wanted and then pay them after they'd done it to her satisfaction. Handing out money based on an unwritten agreement is a fool's game.

Aunt Samantha believes in compromise. She doesn't think any good plan came from everyone coming to the discussion table agreeing with each other. She also believes in Time-Out and spanking, though she realizes that most big boys get the wrong idea when she wants to turn them over her knee.

Aunt Samantha remembers that our Founding Fathers came to this country to escape a State Religion. If someone insists on bringing Christianity to the table, Aunt Samantha's going to bring the Holy Bible and read the Sermon of the Mount to them so they'd know precisely what Jesus said about taking care of yourselves and your fellow persons.

Sure, corporations have a right to exist. But if they're going to want their freedom, don't expect Aunt Samantha to be their Sugar Mama and clean up every mess they make.

Aunt Samantha likes people in uniform. That goes for all the men and women in public service from fire, police, and soldiers. If she saw them on the street, she'd thank them. She wouldn't deny them care if they'd gotten ill or help for their families if they were injured. Aunt Samantha keeps her word to them because they've been faithful to her.

Aunt Samantha wouldn't allow political organizations to call themselves "parties" if no one is having fun.

Aunt Samantha doesn't like gripers. Her motto is: "When you're in a hole, you shut up and stop making it deeper."

Tea would be a refreshing beverage served for a pick-me-up, not a party bent on put-downs of almost everything this country fought for the last 235 years.

(c) Rebecca Kyle -- 2011

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