Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yes, Dear Reader, There are Vampires

Dear Bex:

I am not telling you how old I am because it's not your business. Some of my friends say there are no vampires. But I say, "If you see it on the Internet, then it's so."

I have written several blogs who have given me different replies including seeking professional help and requesting to know just what kind(s) of drugs I am on and where the blogger may procure them.

I have finally resorted to your humble blog with your 28 followers. So, Bex, please tell me are there really vampires?

A Reader

Dear Reader,

Your friends are wrong. They figure if they can't see the sparkle or the fang or get a nice puncture wound in their neck, then vampires are only creations of the overactive minds of over-caffienated writers seeking monetary compensation and fame for their sensationalized works. Which, I might add, occupy several linear feet of my own shelves.

I tell you now, Dear Reader, that vampires do walk among us. How do we know them? By their high levels of activity and loquaciousness and the utter exhaustion we feel after we've encountered them.

Yes, Dear Reader, mere mortals can be vampires. They can be anyone from the lowly shopgirl who tells you her life story while you're attempting to purchase your last Christmas gift or the lofty politician who drones on and on about their plans for the New World Order, which coincidentally coincide with the plans of their biggest donors.

All right, most people don't call these individuals vampires. Psychologists like Dr. Carl Jung would call them "extreme extraverts." You see, Dear Reader, extraverts get their energy from the outer world, such as activities and people, and feel drained when they are by themselves too long.

That outer world includes people. So yes, Dear Reader, if you feel drained by encounters with certain very outgoing individuals, you've just encountered a high-level extravert or an energy vampire in Bex's terms.

So, how do you deal with folks like that? The key is understanding what's going on and recognizing your differences with the energy vampire. You may be an introvert who draws their energy from contemplation and solitude or simply a lesser driven extravert.

SHIELD YOURSELF: How you do that depends on your belief in energy. I imagine a shield of white light around me. Others may wear stones with represent protection to them. The following's a link of protective stones:


Others may offer up a blessing for the vampire and a request for energy and protection for themselves to the deity of their choice. Christians pray.

REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE SITUATION: This could be a permanent or a temporary reprieve depending upon how you feel about the energy vampire or whatever ties you have to them. If there's no strong relationship between the two of you, just stay away from the person if you can. On the other hand, if you must be around the vampire, remember to shield and take breaks to rejuvenate yourself.

TALK TO THE VAMPIRE OR THEIR PARENTS: Ever wonder why children are so energetic? If I had a dollar for every time someone commented, "I wish I could bottle that energy" when they were referring to an overactive child, I'd probably be on a sunny beach instead of writing this blog from my freezing office, Dear Reader. Yes, children draw energy from the people around them--that's why they're so tiring sometimes. It's up to parents and informed adults (with the consent of the parents) to teach the kids to be aware of the situation and draw their energy from activities rather than people. It's a simple matter of re-directing the kids' activities to running and playing.

Vampiric adults are a different matter. Many extraverts may be well aware of their personality traits due to a school or workplace personality test, but they may not be aware of their effect on other people's energy. Having a discussion with someone who's draining you may change their lives, too. And, if they're not interested in listening, Dear Reader, they are not sensitive and empathetic enough to be in your life, anyway.

Good luck, Dear Reader, and thank you for your question. Oh, and do keep those stakes sharpened and a goodly supply of garlic on hand. You never know when you might need them.



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  1. Lots of garlic for lunch may keep these vampires at bay...I find that playing the harmonica while they are talking to me is very effective also.

  2. Ellen--did you know that a university in The Netherlands did a study on garlic and leeches related to vampirism. They discovered that garlic-spiked blood was preferred by the leeches by an overwhelming majority.

    Yup--garlic definitely gets rid of most kinds of social vampires. :)

  3. The other thing you can do is try to convert them to some religion or other.

  4. Or tell people I'm selling Amway, Avon, or any of that other stuff! Actually, I ought to tell them I'm selling World's Finest Chocolate. Ever have to sell that stuff for band or whatever? I swear to God, it's so waxy you could stick a wick in it and use it for a candle. Better than eating it. And I can't tell you how many of Mom's sweet little lady friends bought a bar and GAVE IT BACK TO ME. I just put it in the stock to resell and "donated" the dollars to the band. Yeah, chocolate I won't eat. Go figure. :)