Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Directed by:

Mark Andrews
Brenda Chapman
Steve Purcell
Written by:

Mark Andrews (screenplay)
Steve Purcell (screenplay)
Brenda Chapman (screenplay)
Irene Mecchi (screenplay)

Cast: (Voices)

Kelly Macdonald … Merida
Billy Connolly … Fergus
Emma Thompson … Elinor
Julia Walters … The Witch
Robbie Coltrane … Lord Dingwell
Kevin McKidd … Lord MacGuffin/Young MacGuffin
Craig Ferguson … Lord MacIntosh

Pixar created some of the best long and short children's films, but something's been lacking. They've had many brilliant female characters: Jessy in Toy Story, Sally Carrera in Cars, Boo in Monsters, Inc. just to name a few, they have not had a female lead until now.

Merida's worthy of being the first. A Princess constantly at odds with her mother, Queen Elinor, she's at wits' end when Mom gathers the four clans of the kingdom together to determine which of the eldest sons will be her husband. And they're deciding that fate based upon an archery contest? Merida snatches up her bow and wins her own hand.

The problem with this is, their kingdom is still new. The alliances they’ve forged are not strong. Merida’s actions are tantamount to a declaration of war. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing Scots like better than a row.

When she goes out to seek her own fate, Merida realizes the consequences of a not so well-thought-out wish can be disastrous. Can she save her kingdom and herself from her own wish?

I've been waiting for this film since the first trailer started showing up online, but I was afraid too many trailers spoiled the story. Not true. There's still plenty you don't see and seeing the whole story carefully woven together is a delightful experience. The Celtic music is beautiful, just enough bagpipes to be appropriate and not turn the haters off, and there's enough laughs to keep everything interesting. Of course, I'm prejudiced. It's a Girl Power film and it's based on a mythical form of Scotland!

Like many Disney films, I'm not sure portions of this film are good for really small children. That being said, the kids five and above in the audience seemed to love the film. Don’t take the littlest ones, there are spots many of the youngest got afraid.

I liked Brave well enough to go see it again. I own the soundtrack and I'll buy the DVD when it comes out. Is it worth 3D? 3D gives me a headache and I'd probably try seeing the show the second time as a matinee.

Do stay for the credits. There's a cute Easter Egg at the end.

Rebecca McFarland Kyle, July 2012

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