Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday

An author friend, Maryellen Brady, suggested a new blog hop called Six Sentence Sunday. This is basically an authorial blog crawl where people post six sentences from their current WIP on their blogs. The sign-up is here, if you would like to visit the blogs of other authors participating: 

Six Sentence Sunday Sign Up

The following are six sentences from Madame President, which is a young adult novel that takes place in the 1970's. The narrator is Leslie Ann Ryan. She's a senior at Cleveland High and struggling with racism, recession, and real life. These sentences are what I hope establish her character arc:

All I wanted out of school was to get a good education so I could go on to college. What I needed were good grades, because we didn’t have any money.
Did integration improve everyone’s education? Perhaps not in the sense of the three R’s, but in Real Life anyone who survived Grover Cleveland High gained excellent coping skills. Two critical events happened to me because of the integration plan: I became friends with people of many races and I learned to speak out and get involved. For me, a shy studious girl, both were huge.

Thank you for reading my six sentences. I hope you enjoyed them. If you did, please leave a comment and I'd love to have you follow my blog.

Happy Sunday!  


  1. So glad you are joining in the SSS fun!!!

    Is this going to be written in memoir style, 1st person? I get a nice flavor of her being open minded during a very hectic period in history!

    Looking forward to reading more :)

  2. The Prologue is more memoir form, the rest in first person more active. I'm hoping to give this story the feel of her coming through a year of hell. Thanks for asking!