Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Seven-Year Itch -- SD Skye

There was a time when I couldn't get enough of Robert Ludlum and Thomas Clancy. I loved the fast pace, the secrets, and the heroes defending our country.

But, I had one small problem.  Women were in the background and minority women were few.  I'm pleased to say that S.D. Skye has helped solve those two issues and produced a spy thriller with a strong believable African American heroine.

JJ McCall is an agent for the FBI working to recruit Russian embassy personnel to help us locate spies.  Lately, that hasn't gone well. Codename "Ice Phantom" is selling US secrets -- and if this person isn't stopped, lives could be lost.

The story's as fast-paced and hard to put down as any Clancy or Ludlum. In many ways, JJ's a whole lot more real. At work, she's a minority fighting for status in a man's world.  At home, her former Black Panther Dad wants her to marry -- preferably a man of her own race.

And there's a unique character twist that earned the book its name. JJ bears a family curse that's turned her into a human lie detector. And when someone lies--she's itching like she sat on an anthill.

The Seven Year Itch is currently available on Kindle only, but you can download and read on your computer, phone, or most other readers. If you're a spy thriller junkie like me, you'll want to set aside enough time to finish. Trust me, you will not want to put this book down.

Rebecca McFarland Kyle, December 2012

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