Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Never Eighteen Project

For her debut novel, Never Eighteen, Megan Messina Bostic offered fifty of her friends a unique opportunity to spread the word. She'd send them a free copy of the book with the following request: 

                Read it

                Pass it on 

                Record how you “passed it on” in photos, video, or words. 

You could “pass it on” to someone else you think might want to read it and participate in the campaign. Or, you could “pass it on” by introducing it to your favorite indie bookstore or library, donating it to a high school English teacher, high school librarian, or a teenager you think will like it.   You could share it with your book club, leave it at a Starbucks, on a park bench (weather permitting); anywhere you think someone will find it.  Be as creative as you wish.
I read Never Eighteen and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It's a good thing I already have a copy or it'd be hard to part with this book. Here's the link to my blog review: 

The best books make you consider your own life and make some changes.  Partially as a result of Austin, I have rethought my Bucket List. Depression and physical illness caused me to dump the whole thing. Since I've read Never Eighteen, I've realized there are a whole world of wonderful things to see and do and I shouldn't miss them. Since then, I've seen BB King in concert and had the opportunity to see Modrian's Trafalgar Square in person. 

As the lovely Ellen Mizell says in regard to the painting: "He gave us a good line." 

And who knows--tomorrow may be the day we figure out how to allow me to do some of the items that physical limitations crossed off the list. Miraculous things happen every day.

So you'd think the next part would be easy. Megan really did make it so. I could simply leave my copy of Never Eighteen at my local Starbucks or veterinarian's waiting room. And yes, I trust in the Universe helping people find what they need at certain times in their lives. Megan's book certainly is helping me. 

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm not good with "easy." I wanted to send this copy of Never Eighteen where it'd do a lot of good. My lovely friend, Belinda Christ's, classroom library would have been an excellent choice, but I've already ordered a copy for her. 

An opportunity came to me at Christmas-time. The St. Michaels High School Library, which is part of the Navajo Indian Reservation, posted their wish list on Amazon for people to donate books. I sent them four of my favorites: Briar Rose, Book of a Thousand Days, All the Weyrs of Pern, and 1984.

While I was on vacation after Christmas, I'd spoken to a young Sioux who still has family on Pine Ridge and he told me of the conditions there. Everything's scarce. I knew St. Michaels had an extensive Wish List, but I wasn't sure about donations "off the list." So, I checked with the librarian at St Michaels, Melissa, and this was an appropriate offering. 

So, off to my favorite Post Office and (hopefully) my favorite Postal Clerk, CH. Here's my friendly PO worker posing with the package.

Megan says that due to this project, Never Eighteen has reached three countries. Now, it's reached a fourth Nation, that of the DinĂ©, which means The People. My hopes that many young Navajos find the book as much of a joy as I have. 

I may be reporting back. Melissa advised me that she'd check with her principal to see if sending information about the library, school, and their students would be appropriate. I hope she will be able to tell us more.

Rebecca McFarland Kyle, January 2012


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