Monday, May 7, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: Chimpanzee

Directors: Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield
Stars: Tim Allen

I've been seeing the ads for this documentary for months now and when Chimpanzee finally came to our local art theater, I had to go.

Chimpanzee is the story of Oscar, a young male chimp in the Ivory Coast who's doing well until his mother is killed. Surprisingly, Oscar is taken on as a protege by the alpha-male of his group and nurtured.

As you can imagine, the filming is beautifully done. Tim Allen is the perfect voice for the chimps. The jungle seems a cool green place at first for chimps to frolic. But there's only so much resources and bands of chimps fight. This is a film that can be seen by all ages. The death of Oscar's mom is sad, but it's nowhere near as traumatic as the hunter killing Bambi's mother. All but the very young can watch this film and derive a great deal of enjoyment and education from it.

Chimpanzee was well worth matinee price. I doubt I will purchase this film, but I would strongly recommend it for teachers who want to show classes how animals grow and develop.

Rebecca McFarland Kyle, May 2012

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