Friday, May 25, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: Men in Black 3

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Writers: Lowell Cunningham
(based on the Malibu Comic by), Etan Cohen


Will Smith ... Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones ... Agent K
Josh Brolin ... Young Agent K
Jemaine Clement ... Boris The Animal
Emma Thompson ... Agent O
Michael Stuhlbarg ... Griffin
Mike Colter ... Colonel
Nicole Scherzinger ... Boris' Girlfriend
Michael Chernus ... Jeffrey Price
Alice Eve ... Young Agent O
David Rasche ... Agent X
Keone Young ... Mr. Wu
Bill Hader ... Andy Warhol
Cayen Martin ... Colonel's Son

Agent J and K have been together fourteen years--give or take a bit of time for Agent K to return to his former life--and the relationship is still not what J wants. He needs more, particularly when he realizes that his long-time partner is keeping secrets from him.

Next thing he knows, K is gone and a species of aliens he knew to be extinct are invading the Earth. J's the only one who remembers K even being alive in the modern time, so he's got to travel back to 1969 when his partner died and put time back right.

I seriously loved the first MIB. I realize reader feelings will vary depending on whether you read the comics or not. Not being a comic reader, I enjoyed the comedy and the interplay between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. MIB 2 wasn't precisely a favorite. I re-viewed it today and nearly fell asleep.

In MIB 3, they've got the old feeling back. Both Jones and Smith are playing off each other like the first film and Josh Brolin does a mean job playing Young Agent K. For me, the chemistry is very much the same between the two actors.

Loved the time-travel aspect and particularly enjoyed going back to the Sixties. I probably already own most of the soundtrack, but it was fun to see the fashions, the happenings and the whole era. Yeah, it's still corny, but that's what the whole film's about.

In my case, we saw the film for full-price and both of us felt it was worth it. I'll add the Blu-Ray to the collection and occasionally see at least MIB1 and MIB3 whenever the mood hits me.

Rebecca McFarland Kyle, May 2012

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