Sunday, October 7, 2012


Director:  Olivier Megaton
Writer:  Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kaman

Stars: Liam Neeson, Franke Jansson, Maggie Grace

This is one of those "seems like a good idea at the time," plots.  When the father of the young man who originally tried to steal Bryan Mills' daughter decides to take revenge, he's out for blood. He's going to get the whole family and make them all suffer. 

Seriously?  What was he thinking?  Mills tore up the place the last time they fought...

If you're looking for a good tension releaser, Taken 2  is it.  Is it much more?  You get a bit of character growth for the daughter, Kim, but not much else. If you're not looking for more, this is going to be a great release for a matinee. Or perhaps a good date film if you're hoping your partner will grab on during the tense moments.

I don't plan on buying the film or seeing it again. I enjoyed the one line from Taken. Neeson's always fun to watch, but that was it for me.

Rebecca McFarland Kyle, October 2012


  1. Neeson is fine in this lead role, but it sort of is getting to the point now of where he’s a bit too old for roles like this. However, it won’t bother the audience that goes out to see this considering the guy has become a new action-movie icon. Good review Rebecca.